Snowfall Arrives In Arkansas, Little Rock Expecting Only Minor Impacts

Jan 22, 2015

Snow covers the ground in Mt. Magazine in western Arkansas.
Credit Arkansas State Parks / Twitter

A winter storm moving northeast from the Gulf of Mexico brought snow to Texas, New Mexico, and parts of western Arkansas Thursday. The same weather system generated rain in the Little Rock area, but some snowfall is possible in central Arkansas early Friday.

Jeff Hood, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, does not expect road conditions in Little Rock to be significantly impacted.

“Accumulation should generally be confined to grassy surfaces and things like that. Most major roadways really shouldn’t see any type of snowfall accumulation on them. But early in the morning when temperatures are coldest, we could see briefly a period of time where perhaps a few bridges or overpasses could be slick,” Hood said.

The cold front is bringing snow to the more mountainous regions of Arkansas, including western and northern Arkansas, but the system should pass through the state quickly.

National Weather Service predictions indicate warmer temperatures are expected, with highs in the 50s this weekend.