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Arkansas Congressman Praise Keystone XL Go Ahead

Pipe laying idle in the yard of Welspun Tubular in east Little Rock (2014 file photo).
Jacob Kauffman

Pipe laying idle in the yard of Welspun Tubular in east Little Rock (2014 file photo).

Arkansas’s congressman may be divided on healthcare reform but they are squarely lined-up when it comes to cheering the State Department’s green-light for Keystone XL Pipeline. 

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton said the decision puts working families “ahead of the demands of left-wing donors for a change.” Senator John Boozman noted a Little Rock manufacturer, Welspun Tubular, manufactured hundreds of miles of the pipeline. Central  Arkansas U.S. Representative French Hill claimed the cross-nation “pro-growth” pipeline will have “a minimal impact on the environment.”

At past campaign events at the Little Rock site, Welspun officials have said over 700-miles of pipeline were made at the facility, and now sit idle on 80 acres. The company's said between 50 and 200 workers would be needed temporarily to transport it across the country.

Cotton’s Full Statement:

"It's good to see a president put the needs of working families ahead of the demands of left-wing donors for a change. I applaud the president's decision to approve the Keystone Pipeline. It's long overdue and will help lower energy costs for Arkansans and all Americans."

Boozman’s Full Statement:

“The Keystone XL pipeline is the type of job creating infrastructure project that America needs. It will create well-paying jobs for skilled laborers and help maintain lower fuel prices. I’m pleased that President Trump is giving this project the green-light,” Boozman said.

Welspun Tubular, the Little Rock manufacturer that has produced hundreds of miles of pipe for Keystone XL, estimates that as many as 300 jobs will be created at the facility to help fulfill the project needs.

In 2015, with Boozman’s support, the Senate approved legislation to build the Keystone XL pipeline. The bill was vetoed by President Obama, despite the project being approved by all affected states.”

Hill’s Full Statement:

“Keystone XL is a pro-growth, private sector investment into energy infrastructure that has already supported over 600 jobs in central Arkansas and would create thousands of ready-to-launch private sector American jobs, while having a minimal impact on the environment. I appreciate the president and the new administration beginning to fulfill their promise of pro-growth policies that will help lead to North American energy independence.”

KUAR has reached out to Welspun for comment.

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