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A Fractured Fairytale

Cover of The Boy and The Firefly
L. K. Sukany

On this episode of Arts & Letters, we talk with the husband and wife team, performers, musicians, and writers Lauren and Micah Sukany.

The Boy and the Firefly is their multimedia children's book: a fractured fairytale--a postmodern bedtime story for our modern times, complete with original music and illustrations.

These Jungian dream-tales are filled with fireflies, bicycles, brooms, princes, princesses and damsels in distress.

Connected as dreams, these stories stitch together the waking life with the dream life. . . "for everyone dreams." 

Settling into his wicker basket, Calipso peered out a small window at the moon. "Oh, that I was a beam of light, too." Then, Calipso noticed a lovely thing. Off in the distance, he recognized a faint, glimmering light. Slowly that tiny, white bulb floated up to his window like the reverse flight of a lazy paper airplane. Amazed, Calipso watched as the light drifted through a crack in the window and landed on his nose. “Oh!" “Hello,” said the firefly. "Are you ready?" "Ready for what?" "Your flight of course."

Lauren and Micah Sukany are creators of the band: The Damsels In Distress. They currently reside in Springfield, MO and are the proud mother and father of Elinoah, who you can hear listening intently and responding in kind to the story. 

Damsels In Distress Performing with guitars
The Damsels In Distress

Check out their blog Paper Opera for more music, art, and stories.

The Damsels In Distress perform the song "Giant Song (Grog)"
The Damsels in Distress perform the song "The Boy with the Broom"
The Damsels in Distress perform the song "Twinkle Twinkle (the end)"

Funding for this episode was provided by The Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment For The Humanities. 

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