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National Organization For Women Endorses Gwen Combs In Congressional Primary

Gwen Combs at the Women's March for Arkansas in January 2017.
Combs Campaign.

Gwen Combs, one of four Democratic candidates in the 2nd Congressional District primary, has secured an endorsement from the National Organization for Women. NOW describes itself as the “largest organization of feminist grassroots activists in the United States.”

In a statement to the Combs’ campaign, the president of the Arkansas NOW chapter said, "Since 1966, NOW has worked to empower women at work, at home, under the law, in health choices and as equal citizens. Gwen's steadfast leadership demonstrates that she will prioritize full equality for women and girls if elected."

Combs was one of the principal organizers of the 2017 and 2018 Women’s March. She credits the first march as an inspiration to launch her campaign. She welcomes NOW’s support, “I’m incredibly proud to be endorsed by NOW. For decades, women have worked to break glass ceilings with support from this dynamic organization. I’m honored to be among such amazing women with this distinction.”

She faces Clarke Tucker, Jonathan Dunkley and Paul Spencer in the primary. All four candidates generally align with much of NOW’s positions on issues such as closing the gender pay gap.

However, Spencer departs from the field – to a degree – on abortion. As a Roman Catholic, he previously told KUAR he is personally opposed to abortion. He characterizes it as “the taking of a life” and would support banning abortion after 20 weeks. But he acknowledges its legality, questions Congressional ability and aptitude in legislating it, and says it’s an issue that only serves to divide and distract.

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