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Aging In Arkansas: Aging And Disabilities

By 2030, twenty percent of Americans will be 65 or older. Because of better medical interventions and living standards those over 85 are the fastest growing group of older adults.

As we live longer we are also living with limitations. Often we only see disabilities as we age. Stereotypes abound about the aging individual, some of which are internalized. The older adult with visible limitations may become an object of pity. As one former student several years ago proclaimed on visiting a homebound older adult: “I wanted to make her day more pleasant, though it was a bit useless.”

Perhaps we need new eyes to see what a lifetime of living might offer: stories to share, learning to be human, providing others with the reward of feeling useful.

Proximity (2017). Demographic Characteristics of the Population Age 65 & Over

This post originally aired in February 2017.