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Strengthening Our Communities: Leadership Programs

Leadership is a broad term with many different theories and styles that guide personal and organizational interactions. Because of this, there are different leadership development programs available through individual employers and communities, as well as state and national organizations.

The LeadAR program at the Cooperative Extension Service, is one example of a state-wide leadership program. Founded in 1984, LeadAR is one of Arkansas’s oldest leadership programs with over 460 alumni.

LeadAR was founded for emerging leaders in agriculture and other sectors to help bridge the rural-urban divide. LeadAR, like other leadership programs across the country, encourages participants to learn about different leadership theories and skills and apply them to their daily lives.

Skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking help participants take their leadership to the next level. Many programs also explore the complex social and cultural issues that face communities. As a result, these programs equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and compassion necessary to lead communities and economies into the next phase of growth.

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