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Strengthening Our Communities: Parlimentary Procedure

If you have ever watched a City Council or legislative committee in action, you’ve likely heard them use Parliamentary Procedure when moving from one item to the next on their agenda.

Good parliamentary procedure ensures justice to everyone, prescribes order, reflects kindness and generosity, provides constructive use of limited time and gives one a sense of self- confidence.

This can be true whether you are an elected official, a 4-H Club member or an alumni group planning a high school reunion.

Roberts Rules of Order is one popular set of parliamentary procedure rules many groups use to move meetings along. Some common examples of using these rules include making a motion to limit debate, to amend actions or to refer a proposal to committee.

Knowledge of parliamentary rules is helpful to participants on every level: members need to be aware of methods of good procedure and leaders need to be knowledgeable in the use of proper techniques.

To learn more about effective meetings and parliamentary procedure, visit the Cooperative Extension Service’s website at to download a pocket copy of parliamentary procedure rules or a longer but simplified handbook of parliamentary procedure.