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Wild Ideas: Baby Animals

Each spring, many Arkansans stumble upon baby rabbits, a helpless looking fawn, or a baby bird hopping around the yard. What should a person do?

Don't assume that these animals have been abandoned and need to be rescued. Baby birds almost ready to fly often fall out of a tree. Parents feed these youngsters where they find them on the ground. Pets and children are the most immediate hazard to a young wild animal. Keep them away while you keep watch, and keep in mind most wild animals spend minimal time with their young. 

More animals are born every year than are able to mature and reproduce. In prolific species such as songbirds and rabbits, up to 80% of the young die their first year. Injured or sick baby animals become meals for other wild creatures and their young: it's nature's way.

You can learn more about what to do with injured wildlife at