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Wild Ideas: Turkeys

Wild turkey are talkers. Tom turkeys are known for gobbling, their way of saying, "gather round ladies, stay away boys!" But they communicate with each other in a variety of other ways.

Hens and gobblers cackle as they fly down from their treetop roosts in the morning. While contented in traveling on foot with their flock, turkeys make a soft purring call. Turkeys separated from their flock give a long series of yelps. "Here I am, where are you?" 

As the days get longer and warmer, toms put on a show to attract hens. A strutting gobbler fans out his tail feathers like a peacock and gives a "chomp" sound followed by a low hum. The source of the sound is a bit of a mystery. 

You can learn more about why gobbling turkeys get hens and hunters so excited each spring at the Arkansas Wildlife YouTube channel.