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Strengthening Our Communities: The 2021 Rural Profile Of Arkansas

The latest version of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s 2021 Rural Profile of Arkansas is out now. Although this resource has been providing information to state legislators, local elected officials and other public servants for decades, no year is quite the same.

The new 2021 Rural Profile not only analyzes critical demographic, social and economic issues facing rural Arkansas counties, but also how the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for access to quality health care, employment opportunities and broadband access. This is especially true in rural regions of the state.

This year’s report also includes a brand-new way of accessing county data through an interactive data map and dashboard. The data dashboard allows users to access the entire Rural Profile database and create custom maps and graphs. Anyone can easily access this report and the data dashboard to obtain information related to urban and rural demographics, economic conditions, social indicators, public infrastructure, and county government fiscal concerns for every county in Arkansas.

You can access the full report and the data dashboard at . For more information, please contact your local county extension agent.