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Arts Scene: Celebrating 50 years of the Buffalo National River

National Park Service

From the flat plains of the Arkansas Delta to the rolling hills of the Ozarks, Arkansas has no shortage of natural wonders for all to see. But what many consider the crown jewel of the Natural State at one time faced an uncertain future.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Buffalo National River, the first such designation in the history of the National Park Service. Since then, the 153-mile stretch of pristine, relatively calm water has drawn countless visitors.

On this week's Arts Scene we speak with Stewart Noland, archival chair of The Ozark Society, which was instrumental in conserving the river and its surroundings. They've also produced a new documentary, titled "First River," detailing the history leading up to the river's historic designation in 1972.

You can watch "First River" for free on the Ozark Society website.

Daniel Breen is News Director of Little Rock Public Radio.