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Arts Scene: 'Markham Street' author Ronnie Williams


On May 6, 1960, Marvin Williams’ life was cut short. But at just 20 years old, his life and legacy would live on for years to come.

Ronnie Williams was young when his brother Marvin died while in custody at the Faulkner County Jail. But a letter from whistleblower Charles Hackney nearly a quarter century after his death sparked a new investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Williams retells the investigation and aftermath in exhaustive detail in his book titled “Markham Street,” named for where his brother was arrested on that fateful night. He joins Arts Scene this week to talk about growing up in Menifee in the Jim Crow era, the struggles of investigating his brother’s killing, and how he continues to carry out his brother’s legacy, doing the things he never got a chance to do.

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