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Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Show!


Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Show!

Our engaging and unique murder mystery dinner theatre performances have been playing across the country since 2004. Join us for an evening full of intrigue, hilarity, and unscripted moments you simply can’t find anywhere else!

Unlike a typical murder mystery dinner theatre performance, you won’t be watching a handful of actors stiffly reciting lines in front of the room. The action happens all around you, and any person in the audience can end up being a part of the show, even YOU! Throughout the night, you’ll find yourself wondering if what just happened was scripted or real!

Since our Los Angeles Grand Opening in 2004, The Dinner Detective has quickly become the largest murder mystery dinner show in the United States. Our signature blend of intrigue, comedy, and spontaneity has enthralled millions of guests at our public and private shows.

At The Dinner Detective, you’ll tackle a hilarious and challenging crime while you feast on a fantastic dinner. Just beware! The culprit is hiding in plain sight somewhere in the room, and you may find yourself as a Prime Suspect before you know it!

Holiday Inn Presidential
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM, every day through Dec 16, 2022.

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Little Rock, AR - The Dinner Detective
Holiday Inn Presidential
600 Interstate 30
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202-2466