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Boozman Will Not Support Bipartisan Budget Deal In Congress

U.S. Senator John Boozman of Arkansas

Some conservative advocacy groups and Tea Party supporters in Arkansas and elsewhere are not pleased with measures outlined in a new bipartisan budget agreement.

They are concerned that the measure does not balance the budget, nor does it include major reforms to Medicare and Social Security. 

U.S. Senator John Boozman of Arkansas says he understands the criticisms and will not be supporting the deal.  

“Right now, the Democrats have the leverage since they control the White House and the Senate. I’m concerned about the deal because the 2011 Budget Control Act actually reduced discretionary spending two years in a row for the first time since World War II … but this plan busts the caps on that,” said Boozman. “I would have much rather stuck to the Budget Control Act allowing sequestration so you would have much more flexibility [to reduce deficits].”

Boozman admits the proposal is a product of divided government and does not go far enough to fix the nation’s $17 trillion debt.

The bipartisan budget deal would establish long-term federal government spending caps; reduce the federal deficit by up to $23 billion over two years without raising taxes; and help Congress avoid another government shutdown in 2014.

Malcolm Glover was a news anchor/ reporter for KUAR News from 2007- 2014.