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Boozman: Farm Bill Efforts Moving Forward

Farm Bill

Senator John Boozman of Arkansas says efforts are underway to finalize provisions in the federal farm bill. A group of congressmen and senators are expected to meet Thursday to approve additional changes to the conference report.

“As you start putting ideas in the form of legal language, it takes time. Those ideas then have to be scored by the Office of Management and Budget. Hopefully we will get this thing wrapped up soon,” said Boozman.

Congressional leaders say a vote on the farm bill could come before they recess for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. Boozman admits a vote may take place as soon as early next week. However, there are still disagreements.

“You’ve got a few regulatory issues and perhaps a few commodity issues… but I don’t think it’s anything that all of us don’t feel like we can’t overcome,” Boozman said. “The reality is that if you have an issue you simply can’t agree on, then the last stage is just to vote.”

Analysts report two of the most contentious debates during the crafting of the farm bill have been cuts to food stamps and provisions regarding domestic dairy production and pricing. If passed, the bill could generate more than $20 billion in savings over 10 years.

Malcolm Glover was a news anchor/ reporter for KUAR News from 2007- 2014.