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Arkansas Gas Prices Continue To Drop

gas station

Gasoline prices are down in many parts of Arkansas, due to seasonal changes. In the Little Rock area, some stations are selling gas at $2.95 a gallon.

According to Mike Right with the AAA Auto Club, continuing price fluctuations are also driven by a glitch in the distribution system.

“Fortunately right now, crude oil prices and wholesale gasoline prices are fairly stable. That’s good news for the consumer because any time stability is in the market there are less dramatic shifts on a week to week basis,” said Right. “However, there will still be some shifts even with the stability we are currently seeing.”

Right admits some states are experiencing an increase in the cost of gasoline as a result of damage to refining and distribution systems, due to cold temperatures and severe weather.

Some analysts are predicting consumers will pay less for gasoline in 2014 than they did in 2013. However, Right says many factors, such as instability in the Middle East, could affect how much people have to pay at the pump.

Malcolm Glover was a news anchor/ reporter for KUAR News from 2007- 2014.