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Coalition To Look For Mental Health Solutions For Arkansas Homeless In The New Year

homeless man sleeping on grass

As the Arkansas Homeless Coalition looks to the New Year, it is planning to identify possible programs and or facilities that would best serve homeless populations in the state once they are discharged from behavioral health centers.

Fred Ball, pastor of San Damiano Ecumenical Church is a co-chair of Arkansas Homeless Coalition. He says when members of the local homeless population enter behavioral health centers and are discharged; they don’t have a social safety net of friends or family willing to help them recover.

“As you can imagine, there is a large percentage of them that is struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse issues – things like that, and that’s part of the reason they’re on the streets. And so we’re trying to find ways to help them get the care that they need,” Ball said.

He says the coalition will work to find the best way to help, but says homeless who are discharged from behavioral heath centers often do not have a place to go.

Ball says the Arkansas Homeless Coalition will look for funding to support a program or facility in the New Year.

Nathan Vandiver is the former General Manager of UA Little Rock Public Radio.
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