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School Board Member Who Sparked Protests Over Blackface Photo Receives Award

Ted Bonner
KATV, Channel 7 News

The Blevins school board member who sparked protests by dressing in blackface for a party was given an award as the "Outstanding School Board Member"

KATV Channel 7 reports that Ted Bonner was recognized Monday night during the board's regularly scheduled meeting. Only 28 people were allowed inside, with officials citing orders by the Fire Marshal's office.

Outside of the room, several people opposed to Bonner stood listening to what was going on inside.

Despite the award, board member Carl McGill said he still thinks Bonner needs to give an earnest apology to the community.

"Many people in the black community, the minority community, feel that he has not given an earnest apology. And what I was going to ask is that, if he would be willing to stand in front of the school, the whole school in the gym, and apologize to everyone in the whole community. I would ask that he really be willing do that and I think he would."

Although he did not want to go on camera, the board president confirmed to KATV that the school was let out early on Monday due to potential protests from the NAACP.

The NAACP said they canceled the protest so kids' education would not be hindered.

The president says school attendance may not be counted on Tuesday.

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