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University of Arkansas at Little Rock Rebrands To Use Location In Name

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock's new, abbreviated name and logo.
UA Little Rock

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is changing its abbreviated name from UALR to UA Little Rock and adopting new corresponding logos.

In an e-mail to employees today, Chancellor Andrew Rogerson gave several reasons for his desire to rebrand:

While our official name remains the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, UA Little Rock represents one of our institution’s greatest strengths, our location in Arkansas’s capital city. This new name also corresponds with our Athletic Department’s name change a year ago to Little Rock Trojans. UA Little Rock also reflects the university’s commitment and long-standing partnership and service to our community - Little Rock and central Arkansas. For out-of-state student and employee recruitment and other initiatives, having a name that represents the location of our university is also an advantage.

KUAR is licensed to the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas System, though the station is given editorial independence.

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