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More People Traveling for Thanksgiving Than Last Year

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Arkansas Department of Transportation

The Thanksgiving holiday brings the busiest travel days of the year, and this year is no different. 54 million Americans are expected to travel across the country, with 89 percent of them traveling by vehicle. That is over 400 million people on the road this week.

Mike Right, vice president of public affairs for AAA Missouri, (which covers Arkansas) says the busiest days of travel are Wednesday and Sunday. If you are not traveling too long a distance, you may want to wait for the least busy day.

“Well in terms of the volume of traffic, it’s likely to be Thanksgiving Day itself. Because those are going to be traveling out of town in particular, are going to be leaving probably on Wednesday if not earlier and generally coming back on a Sunday,” Right said.

The current average for gas prices in Arkansas is $2.38, which is more than last year’s average of $2.29. It is however, less than the national average of $2.62.

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your car is ready for the trip.

“Taking a gauge of your tire pressure. Take a look at your tires. Make sure that they’re properly inflated, that they do have adequate tread,” Right said,  “Pop the hood, take a look and make sure that you don’t have any corrosion on your battery terminals.”

While the roads should be clear for most of the United States this week, Right still recommends having winter gear such as an ice scraper and a blanket on hand. Travelers should also allot themselves enough extra driving time for any traffic mishaps.