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Little Rock Police Release Video Of Fatal Shooting

Little Rock Police Department

The Little Rock Police Department has released a video of the fatal officer-involved shooting of 30-year-old Bradley Blackshire last month. 

Prior to the video's release, Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. held a press conference at City Hall, saying he has turned over the investigation into Officer Charles Starks to prosecutors to determine whether criminal charges should be filed. 

"I understand that this video will be difficult to watch... I understand that this incident will also invoke numerous amounts of emotions. And we want to make certain, as your leader,  it would be irresponsible of me if I did not share that with you beforehand," Scott said.

Scott said the investigation process into the incident will also be reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

The video shows Starks pulling into a parking lot on Rodney Parham Road where Blackshire and a female passenger were sitting in an alleged stolen car. After Blackshire refuses to exit the vehicle, Starks positions himself at the driver side of the vehicle. 

The car begins to move forward, and Starks fires four shots into the driver side window. Starks then positions himself in front of the car, firing 11 more shots through the windshield while being carried on the car's hood. 

At the outset of the 24-minute-long video, Interim Little Rock Police Chief Wayne Bewley said the video's purpose is to increase transparency into the investigation. 

"This is in no way meant to prematurely draw any conclusions to the outcome of the criminal investigation or the separate administrative investigation," Bewley said. 

Starks was relieved of duty five days after the incident, but still remains on the department's payroll. 

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