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Arkansas drivers traveling for holiday weekend despite high gas prices

Timothy Bell
A stretch of I-95 near the Newark Airport in New Jersey is seen in this file photo.

Many Arkansans are expected to travel by car this holiday weekend, despite high gas prices. In Arkansas, the average price per gallon of gas is $4.40, the fourth-lowest in the nation.

Despite the prices, AAA predicts an increase from last year in the number of holiday travelers passing through Arkansas on the Fourth of July weekend. Nick Chabarria, spokesperson for AAA, bases this prediction on several factors.

“We’re also seeing some issues with the airlines, staffing issues, other cancellations throughout the summer,” he said, “so that may be driving more folks to opt to take a road trip for this weekend.”

Chabarria advises Arkansans against speeding. Aside from being dangerous, he says speeding can make drivers run out of fuel quicker and ultimately lose money at the pump.

“We know that most vehicles max out their fuel economy at around 55 miles per hour. So, even going just ten miles over can diminish your fuel economy by 13 percent.”

Chabarria says staying at a consistent speed while driving can help conserve gasoline. He also recommends against braking too hard, or leaving car engines running when they are not being driven. Minimizing the use of in-car air conditioners by driving with the windows down can also save fuel, Chabarria says.

Of the roughly 48 million Americans expected to travel for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, AAA estimates 42 million will choose to make their journeys by car.

Josie Lenora is a news anchor and reporter for UA Little Rock Public Radio. She grew up listening to KUAR and NPR News and says she is thrilled to give back to an organization she loves. Josie first interned in the fall of 2021 assisting in production for KUAR and KLRE, then in spring of 2022 spent a semester interning as a new anchor before joining the staff.