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"All Wines Considered" The Essential LRPR Wine Pairing Guide

May 25 is National Wine Dayand we thought there was no better way to celebrate the thinking drinker's favorite holiday than this curated pairing guide to match some of our favorite Little Rock Public Radio programming with a sophisticated and responsibly enjoyed glass of vin de pays.

All Things Considered
(Boxed wine)

Since its debut as NPR’s flagship news program in 1971, All Things Considered (or ATC as we call it) has been a workhorse of public radio. Every afternoon, like clockwork, the trumpet blasts and familiar strains of hosts’ voices greet the listener with the news of the day. Choose a trusty, utilitarian box of your favorite varietal to unwind for an after-work tipple, and let NPR’s longest-running show tell you what’s happening in the world.

Ozark Highlands Radio 

The muscadine grape thrives in the summer heat, and so does Arkansas music! What better way to explore the rich cultural history of the Natural State than with a sweet, refreshing glass of locally-produced muscadine wine? Some Arkansas vineyards also produce non-alcoholic muscadine juice, perfect for a Saturday night listening session courtesy of the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View.

The Yarn

The Yarn has returned to Little Rock Public Radio after a brief hiatus, so it makes perfect sense to pair that with a refreshing wine that is also resurging in popularity. Rosé is also likely one of the earliest types of wine produced. Varieties are produced from regions around the world, but they are all refreshing, just like the local stories you will hear each time you tune into The Yarn, Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 on KUAR 89.1!

Weekend Edition

You may be thinking wine and breakfast rarely mix, and while you are technically correct, don’t overlook one of nature’s most wonderful gifts, brunch! That’s why we recommend prosecco with a splash of orange juice for pairing with the "day off" version of our most listened-to news magazines. Even if mimosas aren’t your thing, a glass of sparkling wine is for celebration, and sometimes rolling out of bed in the morning can be an achievement worth celebrating.

Arts & Letters
(Cabernet Sauvignon)

Complex, intellectual, and deeply enjoyable, Arts & Letters celebrates the South through arts, humanities, and social sciences while highlighting authentically Southern voices. From 'beautifully grotesque' fish to missing clown’s hands, you never know exactly what you’ll get from Arts & Letters, but you know it will be good. Pair with a deeply enjoyable cabernet for a night of easy listening!

Major & Minor Masterpieces

A favorite of such musical heavy-hitters as Mozart and Beethoven, the champagne of wines pairs excellently with the champagne of classical music shows! Making its debut on KLRE Classical 90.5 on June 5, host Eric E. Harrison will take listeners through centuries of classical masterpieces. Treat your senses to the opulence of classical masterpieces along with a glass of your favorite bubbly. It’s what Ludwig and Wolfgang would want!

Jazz Network
(Pinot Noir)

Blue notes blend perfectly with the smooth, rich, and earthy tones of a fine red wine. Whether you are winding down after a night out or staying up late with a favorite “just one more chapter please” book. Some smooth jazz, a warm fire, and a glass of pinot noir will add depth and balance to your overnight indulgences.

Science Friday

You would be forgiven for never hearing of a caberlot wine. Discovered in the late 1960s, this unusual grape is reportedly a natural crossing between the Cabernet Franc and Merlot varieties and is only found in a small region of Central Tuscany. The caberlot is not a cheap wine, as only about 3,000 bottles are available each year. However, the grapes' unusual biology is ripe for scientific intrigue. Plus, if you’ve just learned something new, that’s kind of what Science Friday is all about.

Fresh Air

Aeromatic and sweet as a spring breeze, what else could pair with the spicy, lively conversations heard each day on Fresh air? It’s also versatile, whether you are enjoying an early lunch or a sultry summer nightcap, a glass of Riesling and Fresh Air on the radio will make the experience a little more lively and enriching.

(Sauvignon Blanc)

You may think we are choosing a famously dry wine to pair with the famously dry world of economics, but that’s a half-truth. Marketplace frames the world of finance in a style that combines dry-wit with wry wordplay, so you can keep a balanced budget and a healthy sense of humor to boot. A light and refreshing sauvignon blanc works to cool you off while the market is hot, and can lift you up whenever you have to hear the wah-wahs.

Nathan Treece is a reporter and local host of NPR's Morning Edition for Little Rock Public Radio.
Daniel Breen is News Director of Little Rock Public Radio.