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June 13 Signal Outage

I want to extend our sincere apologies for the signal outage that occurred on the morning of Thursday, June 13th. We understand how much you rely on our broadcasts as part of your daily routine and appreciate your patience as we resolved the issue.

UA Little Rock remains deeply committed to making sure that Little Rock Public Radio is operating and providing the region with high quality journalism and classical music.

Little Rock Public Radio operates with many intricate components, some of which are reaching the end of their expected life cycles. On Thursday morning, one such piece of equipment, a Wheatstone Mix Engine Blade, failed prematurely. This critical component is responsible for housing all the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) power for an individual radio control surface. It also distributes essential signals such as the stereo PGM buses, stereo AUX sends, per-channel mix-minus feeds, monitor outputs, and other bus signals to our network. When this blade failed, it interrupted the signal path for both KUAR and KLRE, causing the outage.

Our engineering team responded swiftly by rewiring a workaround, temporarily restoring the signal and getting us back on the air while a new blade was ordered to replace the old one.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Jonathan Seaborn is General Manager of Little Rock Public Radio.