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Arts & Letters

Arts & Letters is a program celebrating contemporary arts, humanities, and social sciences, with an emphasis on authentic Southern voices. Hosted by J. Bradley Minnick of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the full episode archive is available at

Latest Episodes
  • How do you endure when there's an invisible hand at your throat? Poet Tomás Q. Morín searches for the answer sometimes with anger, sometimes with laughter, but in the end by cutting a space for the enduring power of love.
  • Was Ann Lohman, known as Madame Restell, the wickedest woman in New York? Join us as we discuss 19th Century reproductive health with poet Abby Minor.
  • Journey with us into life's small moments: a butterfly, a desert storm, blackberries, piano keys, all keenly observed by haibun poet, Keith Polette.
  • What puts the "ish" in fish? Eco writer Mark Spitzer says it's the burbot with its slime, slime, slime, and pools of snotty oozy gooby goo with pungent mucous everywhere!
  • Walter is a vegan, works at the car wash, and loves to dance. His parents tell him he's loved just the way he is, but being a teenager is hard when you have the head of a fish...
  • Grab a glass of lemonade and join us on the front porch as we listen to venerable raconteur Harry Thomason...
  • Return to the 1818 Arkansas frontier with "Arkansas Traveler" and botanist Thomas Nuttall...
  • Travel into the 1818 Ozark frontier with two wholly unprepared young men. They can't hunt, they can't read maps well, they can't even make coffee...
  • Two boys, a haunted tale, and leaping kudzu...Take a journey with adolescent friends our hero and Carver Canute through the woods that surround their small Kentucky town.
  • Hop aboard as we take a ride on the Rock Region Metro Streetcar and learn about the storied Jewish history in Central Arkansas, with archivist Shannon Lausch and historian Jim Pfeifer as our guides.