Arkansas Lawmaker Backs Expanded Campus Guns Proposal

Mar 6, 2017

File photo of Sen. Trent Garner.
Credit Arkansas Times

An Arkansas lawmaker sponsoring legislation to allow concealed handguns at colleges is holding off on a compromise proposal that would have included age and training limits to carry on campus.

Republican Sen. Trent Garner said Monday he's deferring a proposal that would have allowed anyone with a concealed handgun 25 and older to carry if they undergo up to 16 hours of active shooter training. Garner said he'll support an alternative bill filed last week that would allow anyone with a license to carry on campus.

The campus guns proposal has stalled after the National Rifle Association objected to the age and training restrictions.

Arkansas law currently leaves the decision on whether to allow faculty and staff to carry up to colleges and universities. None have opted to do so.