Arts Scene: Arkansas Writers Conference/Hot Springs Music Festival

May 29, 2016

Laura Parker Castoro

The 72nd Arkansas Writers Conference opens on Friday, June 3rd in the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 201 S. Shackleford Road in Little Rock. For 72 years the conference has focused on Arkansas Writers. Ann Nicholson, host of Arts Scene, had the privilege of interviewing some of the recent speakers brought in for the conference and, this year, the two highlighted are well known to her. These writers are Janis Kearney, who is being inducted into the Arkansas Writers Hall of Fame on Friday, June 3rd, and Laura Parker Castoro, herself an inductee in 2005. Laura is to be keynote speaker on Saturday, June 4th. On this program, she is a guest and joins Nicholson by phone to talk about Kearney, as well as the Writers Conference in general. She has been a member of the Arkansas Writers Conference for around 14 years.

Peter Bay

Festivals are bursting out all over, it seems. The 2015-16 season has only just ended with concerts, theatre productions, and everything related. Now, the Hot Springs Music Festival opens June 5th-18th. Music Director, Peter Bay, is a guest on today's program and he has led the festival for the past several years. Now in its 21st season, the festival is so firmly set that the sequences almost arrange themselves. So, Maestro Bay leads us through the two week festival with the programming and some of the artists who will mentor the apprentices, who come to discover what it means to be a professional musician.