Arts Scene: Diane Rehm Talks About Her Memoir, "On My Own"

Jul 3, 2016

Diane Rehm

Diane Rehm is retiring from her weekly two hour program at the end of the year. The news has dealt a body blow to the millions of listeners who count on her to be the voice of rational thought and quiet understanding of their many concerns. In her recently published memoir, "On My Own," she tells of her husband's death in 2014, from Parkinson's Disease to the years they had together since they had first met. (A story exceptional in its honesty and in its clarity of purpose and generosity in the exposure of the highs and lows of that marriage.) She retires to join the fight to allow individuals the right to die as a matter of personal choice when all else fails. Recently, Diane and Ann Nicholson, host of Arts Scene, talked on these subjects. What was her first thought the day that "On My Own" was released?