Court Dismisses Arkansas TV Station's Appeal Over Ad Attacking Justice

Dec 12, 2018

An image from a television attack ad targeting Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson by the conservative group Judicial Crisis Network.
Credit Arkansas Times / You Tube

An Arkansas court is dismissing a television station's appeal of an order that prohibited it from airing a conservative group's attack ad against a state Supreme Court justice during her re-election bid.

The Court of Appeals on Wednesday dismissed the appeal by Tegna, Inc., which challenged the ruling preventing several television stations from airing the Judicial Crisis Network's ad targeting Justice Courtney Goodson last spring. Goodson won re-election in November.

Goodson had argued the group's ad, which criticized her over gifts from donors and a pay raise the court received, was false and defamatory. A federal judge had rejected an effort by Goodson to block a similar ad by another outside group during the fall campaign.

The court on Wednesday said the case was moot since the election has passed.