Faulkner Co. Man Runs But Can't Hide From Latest Conviction

Aug 10, 2013

The moral of this story is the moment when the jury says, “Guilty” is not a good time to lose track of the defendant.

Twenty-four year old Rolandis Chatmon already had three previous felony convictions and a record of bad behavior in prison.

So, when a Faulkner County Circuit Court jury came back with a guilty verdict on three new counts of aggravated armed robbery and one theft-of-property charge, he knew the penalty would be bad.

So, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, he ran.

Chatmon bolted out of the county courthouse in Conway Friday. A bailiff tracked him down a short time later less than a block from the courthouse and brought him back.

The escape was not added to the charges—not that it would have mattered.

He was sentenced to three consecutive life terms on the aggravated robbery counts and 30 years on the theft of property charge stemming from his entering a private garage, pulling a gun on three people and robbing them of money and valuables.