LaHarpe Ave. Ramps Close In Preparation For Bridge Replacement

Mar 21, 2015

The Broadway Bridge, where work is beginning to prepare for its replacement. The project will be completed in late 2016.

Travelers who access or exit the Broadway Bridge from the south side of the river will have to adjust their travel plans, starting Monday. 

The ramps to and from the bridge on that side—as well as a portion of the Arkansas River Trail—are being closed in preparation for replacement of the bridge.

The work is just part one of the first parts of a project to replace the venerable structure that will take until late 2016 to complete at an estimated cost of $98.4-mil. 

State Highway and Transportation Dept. Spokesman Danny Straesle says the access ramp for westbound travelers on LaHarpe onto the bridge to go north will be first to close. The exit ramp onto LaHarpe for southbound motorists will close a week or two after that. They will not be reopened until the bridge is complete, more than a year and a half later. 

Also closing as two parking lots underneath the bridge on the Little Rock side. The River Trail that crosses under the bridge there will be re-routed.