NPR's Summer Interns Reflect on Their Accomplishments

Aug 19, 2021

During our time as NPR interns, we've gotten to be a part of an amazing organization during such a turbulent time in our nation and the world.

Here's what we were most proud of accomplishing during our time at NPR:

"Some things I'm proud of are helping run the NPR Interns Twitter account and writing over 50 stories for the News Desk."

Josie Fischels (she/her), News Desk Intern | Iowa City, IA

"I'm most proud of having produced a segment on Ask Me Another. I got to do every step from the pitch in the beginning to editing the final segment, and it was with two very cool, nerdy linguists that I love who worked really well on our show."

Zach St. Clair (he/him), Intern at Ask Me Another | Lagrangeville, NY

"I'm most proud of the internal training videos I made! I hope that they're useful and evergreen— and also, of course, that people enjoy the fun animations I did for them."

Angela Cheng (she/her), Training Team Intern | Rochester, MN

"I'd have to say I'm proud of being a part of the team that created and launched the "Dear Life Kit" video series for NPR's Instagram account. It was exciting being the key animator for the series! Also proud of getting over my nerves and making a TikTok for Planet Money!"

Trish Pickelhaupt (she/her), Video Intern | Buffalo, NY

"I'm most proud of my profile of Alex Goldstein, the mind behind the FacesofCOVID Twitter account, and being part of the team that launched the Morning Edition live blog. I'll always be grateful for the opportunities Morning Edition gave me."

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Tori DomĂ­nguez (she/her), Intern at Morning Edition | Raleigh, NC