NPR's Tamar Charney To Lead Personalization And Curation Efforts

Sep 20, 2018

Acting Senior Vice President of News and Editorial Director Christopher Turpin announced Tamar Charney's new role as NPR's Managing Director for Personalization and Curation. Read more in his note to staff below.

If you pay close attention to internal job postings, you may have noticed several new positions with NPR One have been posted recently. It's because NPR One is playing a bigger role than ever before.

Most people know NPR One as an app on your phone, but potentially it is so much more than that.   It is a way of creating a continuous, localized and personalized experience of content using algorithms.  While NPR One was built before Alexa was a glint in Jeff Bezos' eye, this technology is increasingly critical to making our content available via Smart Speakers and other emerging platforms.   It can be used to create all sorts of on demand listening experiences beyond those currently heard in the app.  

The expanded NPR One Editorial team will be responsible for editorial curation on existing platforms (the NPR One app) and emerging platforms (Smart Speakers). 

As part of this expansion,  I'm also pleased to announce a new role for Tamar Charney, in addition to her ongoing leadership of NPR One.  In her new capacity as Managing Director for Personalization and Curation,  Tamar will work closely with Digital Media focusing on how editorial content -particularly audio content - is created, aggregated, and distributed for new digital audiences using personalization algorithms. If all that sounds a bit technical, it basically means we want to make sure that the cool work you are doing reaches the digital audiences who will love it.    

If you have questions, let me or Tamar know and we will do our best to answer them.



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