Profiles From The Arkansas Literary Festival: Laurie Friedman

Apr 24, 2019

Laurie Friedman’s bestselling children’s books have introduced thousands and thousands of middle schoolers to the joy of reading. And this author got her start in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where she grew up!

The funny, fresh voice of 13-year-old journal writer April Sinclair comes from Friedman’s memories of her time in Pine Bluff at that age. Kids and tweens follow the adventures of April as she encounters mortifying events like having her little sister publicly announce April’s crush on the cute boy next door!

This high-spirited storytelling is why Friedman often has her young readers tell her, “I hated to read until I read your books!” And Friedman says those reactions make all the time and hard work that goes into her books worthwhile.

Friedman will appear in person at this year’s Arkansas Literary Festival.