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Mar 14, 2019
Originally published on March 22, 2019 2:46 pm

In a note to newsroom staff Senior National Editor for NPR News Vickie Walton-James announced this staffing update:


I'm delighted to announce a new addition to, and a new assignment on, our National Security team.

Hannah Allam, joining NPR's National Desk as national security correspondent focusing on counter-terrorism and domestic security
Courtesy of Hannah Allam

Hannah Allam will join NPR News as a national security correspondent focusing on counter-terrorism and domestic security. Hannah comes to us following a stellar run at BuzzFeed News, where she was a national correspondent covering U.S. Muslims and the broader issues of religion, race, and culture. She revealed Jared Kushner's secret meeting with Muslim leaders ahead of the travel ban and investigated the rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric by elected officials. Previously, she worked for Knight Ridder and McClatchy, reporting from 30 countries in peace and war. She was Baghdad bureau chief during the Iraq war and Cairo bureau chief during the Arab Spring uprisings. Hannah returned to Washington in 2012 to cover foreign affairs and national security for McClatchy. She began her career at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Hannah was born in Oklahoma, grew up in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, and returned to attend the University of Oklahoma, from which she holds a bachelor's in journalism. She was a Nieman fellow at Harvard and serves on the board of the International Women's Media Foundation. In her new role, Hannah will focus on extremism of all kinds in the United States and on the government agencies responsible for keeping Americans safe. She starts on April 1.

Greg Myre 2016
Barry Morgenstein / NPR

Greg Myre turns his attention full-time to one of the toughest beats in this town – the 17 organizations that make up the Intelligence Community. Greg has a head start. As an NPR national security correspondent for the past two years, Greg has reported on all permutations of the beat, covering spies, terrorists and policy disputes. He is accustomed to tough assignments. He's been Jerusalem correspondent for The New York Times and a foreign correspondent for The Associated Press. Greg has reported from more than 50 countries and has covered a dozen wars in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is author of The Burning Land: Lessons from the Front Lines of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Greg joined NPR in 2008 as a senior editor at Morning Edition before becoming digital international editor om 2011. He holds a bachelor's in American history from Yale College. Greg will be covering the post-9/11 intelligence establishment and its evolving mission.

Please join me in congratulating Hannah and Greg on their new assignments.

Vickie Walton-James

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