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Arkansongs is hosted by Stephen Koch and heard on National Public Radio stations across the state.

Each week, Arkansongs examines another facet of Arkansas music, exploring the people and events that have made the state among the most important in forming the American musical vernacular that has in turn influenced the world.

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Arkansongs - When The Saints Go Marching In

May 17, 2016

“When the Saints Go Marching In” is one of those ubiquitous songs that cross over from mass popularity into becoming part of the fabric of American culture. People all over the world know the song, but few know of the Faulkner County-born “Saints” lyricist Luther G. Presley and his connections to Little Rock and White County. Performed by everyone from James Brown to Judy Garland to Dolly Parton to Homer Simpson, it’s “When the Saints Go Marching In” on this week’s “Arkansongs.”

Arkansongs: Jimmy McCracklin

May 6, 2016

Despite being a native of present-day Helena-West Helena, Jimmy McCracklin came to embody the West Coast blues sound with his keyboard playing and faster song tempos. His more than half-century in music -- and writing songs like “The Walk,” “The Drag,” “The Wobble,” “Think,” “Tramp” and more -- solidified McCracklin’s reputation as a songwriter’s songwriter. It’s Phillips County native Jimmy McCracklin on this week’s “Arkansongs.”

Arkansongs: The Jelly Roll Kings

Apr 29, 2016

The Jelly Roll Kings were a blues trio featuring Arkansawyers Frank Frost and Sam Carr and Mississippi native Big Jack Johnson. Formed in 1962, the band became better known over the years as its members achieved fame individually – sort of a supergroup in reverse. It's the Jelly Roll Kings. On this week's Arkansongs.

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