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Communication Matters is produced, in partnership with KUAR, by the faculty of the Department of Applied Communication at UA Little Rock, which is working to foster the co-creation of better social worlds through positive communication. If you would like to learn more about the topics covered in Communication Matters, please email the Department of Applied Communications at

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Communication Matters: Families And Forgiveness

Mar 12, 2019

It’s true that those closest to us have the most potential to hurt us. If a stranger calls us dumb, it might hurt for the moment, but if our mother says it, the sting lasts longer.

Forgiveness after a hurtful event is essential to maintaining satisfying relationships, especially within the family.

Explicit forgiveness is most helpful. If a parent lied to you, saying you forgive them may be needed in order to continue your relationship.

Communication Matters: Family Resilience

Mar 12, 2019

Past research has documented the conflict common to parents and children, siblings, and even stepfamilies. Thankfully, research has now also answered not only how to survive, but thrive as a family in the aftermath of conflict.

First, parents should teach children constructive conflict management by encouraging them to engage in perspective taking and empathy. Ask children, “how do you think that makes him or her feel,” when they encounter conflict.

Communication Matters: Defining Family

Mar 12, 2019

I'm Dr. Bailey Oliver with the UA Little Rock Department of Applied Communication and KUAR for Communication Matters.

When I ask students to create a story about a family, I’ve noticed a majority are about a man, a woman, and their biological children. But the majority of us in the US are likely part of a restructured family that includes both biological and non-biological ties. So why do we tend to talk about families this way?