Profiles from the Arkansas Literary Festival

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Profiles from the Arkansas Literary Festival features profiles of authors and books which will be featured at the Arkansas Literary Festival.

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Profiles From The Arkansas Literary Festival: Ian S. Port

Apr 24, 2019

Ian S. Port’s first full-length book is electrifying!

The Birth of Loud tells the story of the invention of the “loud” electric guitar by two rivals, guitarist Les Paul, and music engineer Leo Fender. Through the jangle and buzz of the story of dueling strings comes a much larger story about how these guitars shaped a musical revolution. Port’s many years refining his craft as an award-winning music journalist shine through this gripping pop history.

Profiles From The Arkansas Literary Festival: Pitchaya Sudbanthad

Apr 24, 2019

Pitchaya Sudbanthad’s debut novel, Bangkok Wakes to Rain, is gathering rave reviews.

The author knows the fabled city well – he spent his youth living in Bangkok, Saudi Arabia, and the Southern United States as he followed his father’s employment across the globe.

Now, he uses that cross-cultural knowledge to paint a fascinating portrait of Bangkok and its people across the decades, from the 19th century to a futuristic time when the city is underwater and the residents have fled to the hills.

Profiles From The Arkansas Literary Festival: Laurie Friedman

Apr 24, 2019

Laurie Friedman’s bestselling children’s books have introduced thousands and thousands of middle schoolers to the joy of reading. And this author got her start in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where she grew up!

The funny, fresh voice of 13-year-old journal writer April Sinclair comes from Friedman’s memories of her time in Pine Bluff at that age. Kids and tweens follow the adventures of April as she encounters mortifying events like having her little sister publicly announce April’s crush on the cute boy next door!

Profiles From The Arkansas Literary Festival: Maurice Carlos Ruffin

Apr 24, 2019

Two things you need to know about Maurice Carlos Ruffin: this man is bold, and he is funny.

Both of these qualities serve him well in his debut novel, We Cast a Shadow. The story is an imaginative leap into a futuristic city something like New Orleans, where the economy is still controlled primarily by wealthy white people. But in this future, black people can have surgical procedures to make them look ethnically white in every way.

Profiles From The Arkansas Literary Festival: Esme Wang

Apr 24, 2019

What do you do when mental illness threatens to crush your dreams and derail your life plans? Author Esme Wang knows from personal experience.