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Fire Bones: The First Ever 'Go-Show'

Jaguars In The Attic

Amra Boustani, a Pentecostal preacher and pilot, has disappeared. Her small Delta town of Thisaway, Arkansas is heartbroken and confused by the tragic mystery surrounding Amra. Over a year has passed since she vanished in the Middle East while delivering a small crop-duster-style plane outfitted with weapons.

Designed to be experienced over a smartphone or tablet, Fire Bones is a digital story experience created by Greg Brownderville and the team at Jaguars In The Attic Productions. It uses podcasts, short films, music videos, poems, and still images.

Brownderville explains, "Each episode of a go-show should use whichever medium works best for that part of the story. Chapters and episodes are meant to be experienced in order."

Poet, musician, and multi-media artist, Greg Brownderville
Kyle Montgomery
Poet, musician, and multi-media artist, Greg Brownderville

Greg Brownderville is the showrunner, writer, and creator of Fire Bones. The author of three books of poetry—“A Horse with Holes in It,” “Deep Down in the Delta,” and “Gust." He is a professor of English and the director of creative writing at SMU in Dallas.

He is also the editor-in-chief of “Southwest Review,” the nation’s third-longest-running literary magazine. Brownderville grew up in the small Delta community of Pumpkin Bend, Arkansas.

A special thank you to Greg Brownderville for providing additional audio of his interview with the director and executive producer, Bart Weiss.

Music in the episode is by Beekeeper Spaceman, the duo of primary songwriter/ singer/guitarist Greg Brownderville and producer/multi-instrumentalist Spencer Kenney. A very special thank you to Brownderville and Kenney for sharing the project soundtrack with Arts & Letters Radio. The full album can be found on Bandwear or your favorite streaming service.

Generous funding for Arts & Letters Radio was provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Executive Producer and Host: J. Bradley Minnick
Producer & Story Editor: Mary Ellen Kubit
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