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Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

The Arkansas Arts Center officially adopted a new name Monday, becoming the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts.

The Arts Center originally opened in 1937 in downtown Little Rock under the name Museum of Fine Arts. In 1960, it became the Arkansas Arts Center. Standing amidst the ongoing renovations, Van Tilbury, president of the board of trustees, said the new name was chosen to honor the organization’s history, its ties to the state, and its intention to become an arts destination for visitors to the city.

Arkansas Repertory Theatre Begins Season With Ann

Jan 31, 2020
The Arkansas Repertory Theatre

The play Ann begins its run at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre this week, with two preview performances before opening night on Friday, January 31.  The play, which originally ran on Broadway in 2013, is about the life and legacy of Ann Richards, the 45th governor of Texas.

Will Trice is the Executive Artistic Director for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. He spoke with KUAR about the play. A transcript of the aired conversation is below.

Sarah Kellogg - KUAR News / KUAR

Arkansas Shakespeare Theater’s production of Romeo and Juliet differed from last year’s other productions in a few ways. As the designated “family-friendly’ show of the season, the play was shortened to an hour and toured across Arkansas through the months of June and July. This particular production also went through another round of modifications, to make it accessible to those on the autism spectrum and others who are sensory sensitive.

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival begins tonight, kicking off more than a week of screenings of documentary shorts and feature films from around the world. KUAR spoke with Jennifer Gerber, the executive director of the festival on what to expect this year. You can hear KUAR's entire inteview with Gerber below.

Over 60 feature length documentaries will play during this year's festival. In addition to showing the films, it also awards films in the categories of Best U.S. Documentary Feature, Best International Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short as well as an Audience Award.

On this episode of Arts & Letters, we celebrate the music from Season Five.

Hosted by producer Mary Ellen Kubit this episode shares favorite and memorable music from the various episodes this year. 

Our Executive Producer and Host J. Bradley Minnick is busy in the studio recording for Season Six, but he'll break away for a few minutes for a behind the scenes discussion about how music is selected and placed in various episodes.           

Czech Film Festival Returns To Little Rock

Jun 6, 2019
Czech That Film Festival

Film fans in Little Rock will have the opportunity to watch some movies from the Czech Republic this weekend as a part of the Czech That Film festival. The event, hosted by the Czech Honorary Consulate in Little Rock, includes partners like the Arkansas Cinema Society and the Central Arkansas Library System’s Ron Robinson Theater.

Sarah Kellogg / KUAR

Aspiring or current young women filmmakers in the Little Rock area will have the opportunity to work with and learn from professionals in the industry as they create a short film, as a part of a new free program.