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The Art of Positive Communication


On this episode of Arts & Letters, we talk with Julien Mirivel, Speech Communication professor at the University of Arkansas Little Rock and co-director of the Academy of Teaching and Learning Excellence. His new book, The Art of Positive Communication: Theory and Practice, published by Peter Lang in 2014, is informed by "research on Interpersonal Communication and Language and Social Interaction.”


Communicating positively can be learned,” writes Mirivel. “It is a creative art through which we can inspire our relationships and co-construct our worlds and maybe, just maybe, nudge us closer to a world at peace.”

Explore how greetings, small talk, asking questions and disclosing personal information can deepen our relationships and strengthen our bonds with each other by listening below. Also, learn ways to act upon what you've learned in the episode by following the six supplemental exercises, also below

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Exercise One.
Exercise Two.
Exercise Three.
Exercise Four.
Exercise Five.
Exercise Six.

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