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Wild Ideas: White-Tailed Deer

A white-tailed deer’s snort sounds like a magnified sneeze. For an Arkansas deer hunter, this may mean the jig is up. These short, explosive snorts are released as deer sense danger and turn to run.

Deer hunting is a big deal in The Natural State. And with a white-tailed deer population about 1 million, there’s a lot to be excited about. But this was not always the case – by the 1930s, about 500 deer remained in Arkansas.

Wildlife watchers and hunters learn that deer communicate with their entire body. Tails, ears, eyes and posture communicate dominance, and scents are left behind to mark trails and territory, and alert mates.

You can learn more about white-tailed deer in Arkansas by visiting agfc.com.

Join Kirsten Bartlow for Wild Ideas as she explores wildlife and conservation topics across Arkansas—from the Ozark Mountains to the Delta bayous.