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Wild Ideas: The Common Loon

The bird famous for this eerie, beautiful call migrates to The Natural State during winter to enjoy large, clear reservoirs.

Most birds have hollow bones, but this fish-eating bird’s solid bones help it dive quickly in search of prey. Awkward on land, these water lovers only hit the turf to mate and incubate eggs. They are superb swimmers and have been clocked in the air at 70 miles per hour.

Lake Maumelle in central Arkansas is a likely place to spot them. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on other large reservoirs – Beaver, Ouachita, Hamilton and Millwood.

What is this winter migrant known for its magical calls? The common loon.

You can learn more about loons at allaboutbirds.org.

Join Kirsten Bartlow for Wild Ideas as she explores wildlife and conservation topics across Arkansas—from the Ozark Mountains to the Delta bayous.