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Keep The Wreath Green Fire Safety Campaign Launched

Little Rock Fire Truck
City of Little Rock

The Fire Prevention office of the Little Rock Rock Fire Department is initiating the "Keep the Wreath Green" campaign to raise awareness of the danger of house fires during the holidays.

The campaign centers around five wreaths with green light bulbs scattered at various locations around the city.

"We want to give our community the visual of how well they’re doing with fire prevention during the holiday season," says Bo Hagar, Little Rock firefighter and Fire Prevention educator.

"Any time there is a fire in the city in which a building becomes uninhabitable, we will change one of the green bulbs on the wreath to a red bulb. That lets everybody in the city know how many fires there have been citywide during the holiday. In tandem with it, we’ll post fire-safety related tips and things like on our Twitter and Facebook page," Hagar said.

Hagar says cooking-related mishaps are the number one cause of holiday fires.

"Things like cleaning up your cooking areas from grease, and things like that—definitely not leaving food unattended while you’re cooking. This time of year, things like, do not fry turkeys," Hagar cautions.

Keeping heat sources such as space heaters and candles at least 36 inches away from combustible materials is another important tip.

Find more tips and follow how well the city is doing in keeping the wreaths green at http://www.facebook.com/littlerockfire

David Wallace was a reporter and anchor for UA Little Rock Public Radio from 1991 to March 2021.
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