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Little Rock Pushes Back Curfew, Few Arrests Made Past Two Days

City of Little Rock

The city of Little Rock is pushing its curfew back a couple of hours for the weekend, with plans to lift it Monday morning.

The curfew, previously beginning at 8 p.m. is now from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Friday through Sunday.

Speaking during a news conference on Friday, Mayor Frank Scott Jr. showed his appreciation for the peaceful protesters, and the protests themselves, which he called "very effective."

"We want to continue to acknowledge and affirm what they’re doing, by exercising their First Amendment rights, in a very effective and productive manner and a peaceful manner. And they really are galvanizing and creative positive change, not only in the city of Little Rock, but in all of these United States," Scott said.  

Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey also shared his appreciation for the protestors. Over the past two days, police arrested a total of 8-10 people, with no arrests related to vandalism and some arrests not related to the protests at all.

According to Humphrey, there are additional protests planned for the weekend.

"What I do appreciate is that they are letting us know that they’re planning the protest. In the last two days, we haven’t had any of the protests where they just automatically show up. We are aware [of] where the protests are going to be and we continue to hope that that’s going to occur," Humphrey said.

Since this past Saturday, May 30, protestors have been demonstrating at the state Capitol, joining worldwide protests against police brutality against black people, brought on by the killing of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis Police officer in late May.

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