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New Sculpture Unveiled In Downtown Little Rock

Daniel Breen

City officials say a new sculpture in downtown Little Rock will serve as a symbol of the community moving past the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials with the City of Little Rock and the Downtown Little Rock Partnership unveiled the new sculpture Friday at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Main Street.

The 24-foot stainless steel installation, titled “Helios,” was crafted by Little Rock-based artist Hunter Brown. Brown explained the inspiration behind the piece, and the name inspired by the Greek god of the sun.

“For me, this piece is somewhat of a light in our city. The hope is that it will be a beacon of hope and coming through adversity of something like a pandemic and a lot of the division that’s happened over the last year, this is something that we hope will make people think in that manner and bring people together,” Brown said.

The sculpture features a helix design which spirals upward toward a reflective sphere. It also features seats at the base of the sculpture’s pedestal. Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. welcomed the new addition to the area known as Capitol Plaza.

“This is yet another statement of what we’re doing from a creative standpoint, from an art standpoint, and what we’re doing for economic development right here in the heart of downtown Little Rock,” Scott said. “This is the epitome of what we’re trying to get done as we continue to be a catalyst for the New South.”

The City of Little Rock commissioned the new installation through its group Sculpture at the River Market.

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