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Greg Henderson officially enters Little Rock mayoral race

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Lindsey Millar
Greg Henderson officially joins the Little Rock mayoral race. He filed the paper work on Tuesday to officially join the race.

Greg Henderson has officially entered the race for Little Rock mayor. The small business owner and real estate consultant went to City Hall on Tuesday to file necessary paper work.

Henderson, who was accompanied by his family, says it was important to bring his kids with him as they are a part of the reason he decided to run for mayor.

“I’m really focusing on what the next generation of Little Rock is going to look like. For me, it was really important for me to have [my kids] there to keep that focus on why I’m doing this, why I’m putting myself through everything that is going to happen. It’s really to build a better Little Rock for people who want to live here in the future,” Henderson said.

In the short term, Henderson said public safety and supporting local businesses are the issues his campaign will focus on. He added that he wants to make Little Rock a city people want to live in.

Now that he has officially entered the race, Henderson said the next step will be attending events around the community to get a better understanding of voters.

“I really want a difference in opinion, people who may not support me or have a different set of views or come from a different walk of life,” Henderson said.

He added when candidates host events, the people who are most likely to show up are supporters who already agree with them. He explained that type of campaigning can put candidates in an echo chamber.

Last week, local car dealership owner Steve Landers filed his paperwork to join the race. In July, incumbent Mayor Frank Scott Jr. opened his reelection office, which was last used in 2018.

The election will take place in November.

Ronak Patel was a reporter for KUAR News focusing on state and local government.
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