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The Encyclopedia of Arkansas Minute features the history of Arkansas as told through the entries of the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture. The Encyclopedia of Arkansas is a program of the Central Arkansas Library System Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.

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Encyclopedia Of Arkansas Minute: Baby Of Arts

Jan 9, 2019

A surge in non-traditional students following World War II led to a unique degree program at the Arkansas State Teachers College, now the University of Central Arkansas.

Veterans using the G.I. Bill to pay for college helped swell the student body at the Conway school to fourteen hundred after the war, and many lived with their spouses in mobile homes on the campus. As the couples began having children, college president Nolen Irby devised a program to recognize the youngsters who were growing up on campus – when the parents graduated, so would the children.

Encyclopedia Of Arkansas Minute: The Eureka Springs Baby

Jan 9, 2019

The Cardiff Giant, a reputed petrified man found in New York in eighteen sixty nine, spawned a smaller version in Arkansas about ten years later.

While many movies have been made in Arkansas, The White River Kid was not the most memorable. The film’s lead is Arkansas’s Wes Bentley, before his star turn in American Beauty, depicting a serial killer with a butterfly tattoo on his face.

Despite a stellar cast featuring Antonio Banderas, Swoozie Kurtz, Bob Hoskins, Beau Bridges, Randy Travis and Ellen Barkin, as well as presidential brother Roger Clinton, the movie is muddled by a series of disjointed subplots that detract from the Kid’s pursuit of a path to redemption by way of his fiance’s hillbilly relatives.

Encyclopedia Of Arkansas Minute: Tutt-Everett War

Jan 9, 2019

Marion County in northwest Arkansas was created in 1836, and though its population was only around three hundred, political divisions were sharp, with the Everett clan supporting the Democrats and the Tutt family backing the Whigs. Matters came to a head with an 1844 brawl at a campaign debate in Yellville, and the Tutt-Everett War began, fueled by alcohol and gunfire.

Encyclopedia Of Arkansas Minute: Labor Day Bombings Of 1959

Jan 9, 2019

With a series of bombings on Labor Day 1959, opponents of segregation in the Little Rock School District made a final, symbolic and futile gesture.


Encyclopedia Of Arkansas Minute: Big Lake Wars

Jan 9, 2019

Mississippi County’s Big Lake region was the site of a forty-year conflict between local hunters and wealthy northerners who came to hunt the area’s abundant game.


Big Lake was created by the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812 and the deer, fish and fowl in the area provided a steady source of food for local residents for generations. After railroads came to northeast Arkansas in the 1870s, the locals made good money selling the game to northern restaurants. But wealthy hunters followed, buying land and leasing hunting clubs to push the local hunters out.