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New Arkansas voter cards sent as deadline to register for primary passes

Election Voters Voting
Michael Hibblen
Little Rock voters taking part in an election on Nov. 6, 2018.

Monday was the last day for Arkansans to register to vote if they want to participate in next month’s primary.

According to the Pulaski County Circuit and County Clerk, Terri Hollingsworth, Pulaski County has over 230,000 registered voters. She said she’d noticed a surge in voter registrations recently.

“I think that the surge right now for people registering to vote is because they really want to participate in this democracy. They want to make sure that their voice is heard on May 24,” Hollingsworth said in an interview with KUAR News.

New voter registration cards were sent out from Hollingsworth’s office. Registered voters should have received or could soon receive new voter information cards to show which precinct and location voters go to, as it could have changed due to redistricting. After the 2020 census, Pulaski County was redrawn into three new congressional districts. Now it is split between the 1st, 2nd and 4th Congressional Districts.

“[The cards] tell you the location of where you go vote on Election Day. And they’ll tell you your school district, your Senate district, your representative district, your ward or council depending on which city you live in. And they also tell you which congressional district that you’re in,” said Hollingsworth.

Voters do not need to bring this card with them to be able to cast their ballot.

She also said that voters need to be sure to update their information, especially if they have moved in recent years.

“If you haven’t updated your voter information in the last three to four years and maybe you moved or got married, we want you to please update your voter information,” said Hollingsworth, “Sometimes that’s the last thing that we deal with because we think it’s going to get done automatically once we change our address. But it doesn’t happen automatically.”

To get more information about the voter information cards, Arkansans can call the Voter Department at 501-340-8336 or email

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