Anya Grundmann

We are excited to announce we have selected 5 teams to attend the sixth NPR Story Lab Editorial Training Workshop, designed to support producers from all backgrounds in developing their show concept into a pilot. Participants will gather virtually for six months starting April 30.

Over the last five years, the NPR Story Lab Editorial Training Workshop has supported teams from across the country with direct mentorship, targeted training and partnership opportunities.

In notes to news and programming staff Senior Vice President for News and Editorial Director, Nancy Barnes, Senior Vice President for Programming and Audience Development. Anya Grundmann and Supervising Senior Producer Nicole Beemsterboer announced today:

In a note to programming staff, SVP of Programming and Audience Development Anya Grundmann announced the following staffing update:

Dear Colleagues,

Today we launch the new face of NPR Music.

We have a new home page this morning, and the experience brings you closer to the beating heart of the music than ever before. Optimized across platforms, the new page has a mission.

We want to tell you why we fell in love with certain songs, artists, shows, and stories – and give you reasons to fall for them, too. Whether you're new to NPR Music or you've been with us forever, we hope you like the changes.